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Reduce labor pain without injection

Every pregnant woman must feel pain during labor. Fortunately, the pain during childbirth can be reduced naturally without relying on medical anesthesia. But keep in mind if the impact is not as big as ordinary painkillers. Not all pregnant women dare to come into contact with syringes. Maybe you are one who is afraid of syringes. Don't worry, you can still ease the pain without receiving an injection. Pain felt by each pregnant woman is different. You cannot predict the pain until the time of delivery. But in general the pain occurs because the uterine muscles contract strongly to expel the baby. In addition, the baby's head that wants to come out also presses the mother's bladder and stomach. Not to forget the opening of the birth canal and vagina in the mother. This pain is especially felt in the back, abdomen, and groin.

Try Natural Ways to Reduce Pain During Labor Next

There are natural ways that can reduce pain during labor. The method is easy and you can apply it yourself or ask for help from others.


Massage in the lower back or shoulder area during contractions can reduce pain during labor. Not only that, massage can also make you relax and help stimulate the body to release hormones that can make you feel better, the endorphins. Ask for help from a companion or midwife to massage your body. Ask them to massage slowly because the massage is too fast can actually make you panic.


With warmth, the body can become more relaxed. Attaching something warm to the body can make muscles not tense and relieve pain during childbirth. It's easy, fill the bottle with hot water, but not boiling water. Before sticking to the body, wrap a bottle of warm water with a thin towel first. You can also get warmth by compressing the painful part, such as between the back of the vagina and the perineum (the area between the vagina and anus), with a towel soaked in warm water. The sensation of warmth can make you feel more comfortable.

Regulate breathing

If you can regulate breathing well, the pain during contractions can be reduced and at the same time save energy. Easy to do. You can take a deep breath from your nose as you begin to contract, then exhale slowly through your mouth. At that time, you also have to concentrate that you are breathing to make the body more relaxed. Continue to do that. Keep the rhythm lest you take a deep breath, but it is out of balance with what you exhale.

Change your position

When in the delivery room for a long time, you will feel bored and ached if you just wait for birth by staying in bed. During childbirth, you are indeed required to save energy, but that does not mean you have to remain silent forever. Moving a little can ease pain and can also speed up labor. Try several positions like the following.
  • Standing or leaning on a bed, on a pregnant gymnastic ball, or on your partner.
  • You can also move your hips to help your baby move down.
  • Sit on a chair or on a pregnancy exercise ball. Afterwards, get up and move your body for a short walk.
  • Kneeling on the mat with one foot raised and putting both hands on the mat can also be done. It is also good for widening your baby's way out.
  • If your back hurts, try to take a riding position. This position also affects both the process of your baby's discharge.
  • Avoid sleeping position on your back because it can make contractions become longer and more painful. If you want to lie down, sleeping sideways can help you rest and keep your pelvis open, and correct your baby's position to a position ready for birth.

A companion

The presence of a companion during labor can make the pain less. Childbirth also tends to be easier and faster to live if you are accompanied by a companion who continues to provide support. Choose a companion that can make you comfortable. They could be your husband, mother, brother, friend or younger sibling. In addition to the above methods, you can also try other ways such as listening to music, meditation, and taking yoga classes for pregnant women to help you feel more comfortable while giving birth. Every childbirth process must be painful. You do not need to be afraid, because there are ways to reduce pain during childbirth. Try to find the right labor information so that you do not feel afraid when facing labor. The important thing is not to focus on the pain. Think about positive things, such as your encounter with the baby after waiting for nine months. This step is effective to divert attention, while calming you.


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